Filling Your Compact


  1. Remove the makeup pan and shade label from your clamshell
  2. Unbox your refillable silicone compact.
  3. Peel back the tab on the tape inside the compact and drop the pan onto the tape (after 10 seconds the pan will start to stick).
  4. For extra credit, stick the shade label to the outside bottom of your new compact.

*We know this may seem inconvenient but we are trying to limit over production and do some good for the planet :)



  1. Grab each side of the compact and bend downwards until the pan lifts in the middle. Use the other hand to grasp pan and pull out.
  2. Wash the compact with soap and water (or place in your dishwasher) if needed.
  3. Remove the clear liner from the tape found in your new clamshell (you may need to peel back the white liner slightly first). Press the sticky side into the compact, with the white liner facing upwards. 
  4. Peel back the white liner and drop your new pan onto the tape.
  5. Once again for extra credit, remove the old shade label and stick the new one to the outside bottom of the compact.
  6. Enjoy!