who we are

We are a values-driven, sustainability-focused makeup brand. Our products are consciously formulated, cruelty-free, and created for all skin tones.

our story

When Jeanine created Stila, she totally threw away the usual beauty playbook, made epic formulas, created the paper packaging we all see today, and that’s just for starters. Not a fan of messaging about contouring, covering up, and trying to look like someone else, she made it about the individual, and also about having fun with makeup. So now it’s time to take it all one step further with Neen.

The events and activism of the past few years have made it even more clear that many unhelpful, dominant narratives continue to disempower a lot of us.

Neen is about creating your own narrative, throwing out old ideas, including beauty standards.

the community

To us, an inclusive community isn’t just posting diverse photos, it’s letting you know who each person actually is, and what matters to them. We create products that work on every skin tone and support organizations that our models teach us about—as a brand our cause isn’t your cause, your cause is our cause—and we always, always listen.


All of our product development starts with sustainability. Our card lets you try and experiment with new makeup - no more plastic samples or buying products that aren't quite right that end up in landfills. We have also created the first-ever silicone compact. You can read more about our commitment here.

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    Refillable products

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    Less plastic

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    Most products made and manufactured in the USA

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    Carbon neutral shipping

consciously formulated

"Consciously formulated" means that our products are formulated with non-harmful ingredients. 

“Clean” standards are currently unclear and inconsistent in the cosmetics industry. There are many different guidelines, which can be misleading and is often just marketing.

So instead of just slapping a particular “clean” stamp on our products, we focus on each of our ingredients and exclude any that we believe could potentially be harmful.

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may you be free

If you are curious about our catch phrase, it’s known as Metta, which is a sincere wish for the welfare and genuine happiness of all beings.

This is our hope for you.